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Report a Claim

We understand and value your time. Calls are answered 24/7 by our experienced claim adjusters. The IMIP's claim adjusters are focused solely on public entities and are proficient in the defenses and immunities granted to Public entities in Indiana.

The IMIP claim philosophy is to be Fair, Friendly and Firm.

Incident Reporting
Any incident, which is a loss or could lead to a loss should be reported to the Hylant Administrative Services Claim Department. This allows flexibility in evaluating and/or minimizing a potential loss. It also provides an opportunity for Risk Management Services to get involved, if needed, and assist in eliminating or minimizing future incidents of a similar nature. Please remember to inform us as quickly as possible so we can help you and provide the superior service you are accustomed to receiving. The sooner a claim is turned in, the faster your operations can return to normal.


Property and Liability/Workers Compensation
Claims and litigation are to be reported to HAS Claim Services as soon as possible. HAS will report all claims to the carrier on behalf of IMIP participants.

To report a claim or litigation, please complete an ACORD© Loss Notice (Indiana Workers Compensation First Report of Employee Injury, Illness state Form for Workers Compensation Claims) and fax to 1-800-924-6615 or call 1-866-825-2467 (1-866-8CLAIMS).



Contact Info

HAS Claim Services
1-866-825-2467 (Toll Free)

Angie Ramirez
1-800-249-5268, ext. 1914 (Toll Free)
419-259-6099 (Fax)



Indiana Municipal Insurance Program - The Program of Choice for Indiana's Public Entities

For more information on the Indiana Municipal Insurance Program, please contact:





Property and Liability Claim Reporting Forms
ACORD© Property Loss Notice
ACORD© Automobile Loss Notice
ACORD© General Liability Notice of Occurrence / Claim
HAS Claim Reporting Form

Workers Compensation Claim Reporting Forms
Indiana Workers Compensation First Report of Employee Injury, Illness

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