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Risk Management Services

The Purpose of Risk Management
The purpose of risk management is to assist in the identification of potential and/or existing liability and property exposures within a public entity’s operations. As such, the following are services available:

  • Risk Management Profile - A Risk management representative will identify existing and/or potential liability and property exposures by collecting information through a questionnaire pertaining to the operations of a public entity.

  • Recommendations - Recommendations will be made from the information gathered during the profile to assist in reducing identified areas of liability and property exposures.

  • Technical Assistance - On-site visits to discuss problem areas, specific concerns, and to assist in the development of written policies and procedures to a public entity’s operations.

  • Policy and Procedure Review - The Risk Management Department will review established policy and procedure manuals and offer written opinions from the review.

  • Resource Material - The Risk Management Department has a large volume of resource materials available for review and assistance, including risk control guidelines, sample manuals, and model policies and procedures for public entity operations. In addition, the Risk Management Department has a video library available to insureds that includes but is not limited to videos on safety, law enforcement training and the essentials of firefighting.



Risk Management Resource Materials
The following areas of public entity operations provides an example of the topics for which resource material is available to our customers:

  • Administration
  • Buildings and Grounds
  • Employment
  • Fire/EMS
  • Fleet-Incident Reporting Form
  • Health and Safety
  • Law Enforcement
  • Public Works
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Special Events


Risk Management Territory Map

View Risk Management Territory Map


The HAS Risk Management Department maintains resource material and suggested policies and procedures on the above topics and much more. If you are looking for guidance or a starting point on how to address a specific risk concern in your entity, please do not hesitate to contact us toll free at 1-800-249-5268.

For more information on the Indiana Municipal Insurance Program's Risk Management Services:

Greg Hennecke
513-267-5419 (Mobile)

Wendy Jaqua
419-966-4590 (Mobile)





For more information about the Indiana Municipal Insurance Program's Risk Management Services please contact:

IMIP Risk Management Services
P.O. Box 2083
Toledo, OH 43603-2083

1-800-249-5268 (Toll-Free)

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